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About Ms Biz

Presenting for the Severna Park Joint Chamber Women in Business event.

Guest appearances on Women Talk

Live, with Ann Quasmans,

Presenting for Baltimore Google Women


Ms. Biz is on a mission to provide a variety of professional opportunities that are affordable for all women entrepreneurs.  Our programs include a broad range of topics from public speaking circles, mastermind groups, work-life balance programs, and networking events, to community outreach and more.

Ms Biz began in 2013 as Ms Biz Mornings, a networking organization with the sole purpose of providing a no cost option for women entrepreneurs to interact, connect and support women owned businesses.   

As this idea progressed from a fledgling concept to a thriving community it became obvious that affordable professional training for women entrepreneurs was needed, as well.  And, the broader framework for Ms. Biz was born.

Ms Biz is an organization where women help women succeed!